C'est pour toi, a qq'un qui je pense parfois...

I know thatit'sover, we've been apart. We havenothingto say , you live without me andI live without you. But all good memory still remain....Even my feeling change, even our love can only be the past, but there's something meant to me. Something valueable, something I cant left off,something that's calledfriendship.

I dont know how you feel, and i won't know... But I want you to know that I dont hate you,indeed, I still love you even it isn't the love like we've had in the past.

For me you're my best friend who had stayed with me in all the past 3 years. Maybe the closest friend i have ever left.... When I saw your face, I asked myself .. , can we be friends? Sometime I wanna know how you feel and apologize for all those pain..

You may angry, but remember, when you think there's no one care you, think of me, i do..

And a friend like me will stand beside you, remember me, and i won't forget you.





อิ่ม... กูอ่านไม่ออก - -"

#2 by Kaosang At 2005-02-01 02:34,
เกิดอะไรขึ้นอ่ะ... เศร้ามาเชียว
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